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Pet Sitting & House Sitting

December 29, 2011

Work from Home Business Ideas are always welcome and I have an idea for you here today that is seasonal and is a part time business in the true sense of the word.

This business model is ideal for a retired person or couple. Naturally it goes without saying that you need to love animals to do this work. The more experienced you are at the care and up keep of pets and animals the better off you will be.

What you do is this….

Research all the facts that you need to know in relation to the general care of household pets. Cover all of the most common pets, birds, dogs, cats and fish etc. do the research properly, as you will be entrusted with the care of peoples living animals.

Next put together a booklet that details all the knowledge that you gathered on the subject. Add another detailed section covering the caring of a person’s home in their absence. Contact all the local alarm and armed response companies and get details from them. Have real meetings with them firstly to learn how their system works, secondly to get them to refer you and thirdly to actually meet them.

Do the same with your local Veterinary practices, have a real meeting asking for both their advice and then for their referral. Leave them with such a professional manner that you will immediately be jumped to the top of their referral lists.

Any other business within the area that you are planning to work within, that has a daily or weekly delivery service, contact them with the same sort of meeting in mind. So if the local newspaper delivery service is now willing to send you the contact details of someone who has suspended their deliveries for a few days, then you will have leads to work on.

Print very high quality pamphlets that give a lot of details about your services. Add a printed black and white text version of all your terms and conditions, including all the small details that they will need to know about you.

Never leave a photocopied version of your advert up at the local vet. After you have been in business for awhile then add some referrals to the same booklet.

Detail and list all the different things that you are willing to do to the customer’s property and animals while they are away. Start with the obvious – turning on the lights every night. Add other things, clean the pool, walk the dogs.

Calculate a detailed costing for all these things.

Make it affordable.

Remember that if you are already at the customer’s home it is not much more effort to water their plant or other small items.

Be professional, earn their trust, be consistent and your business will grow to a comfortable level, and you will naturally keep getting their referral business for years. You are then ready to advance to the next step.


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