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Pet Related Businesses – An Often Ignored Lucrative Business

December 28, 2011

For those who are not into pet keeping, it will be shocking to know that more than 60 percent of American household have pets (with cats and dogs being the primary choices). The percentage is not much different in Great Britain and other developed regions. Note that we are talking about animals being kept only for recreational purpose (and not for a commercial objective or livestock). As you can see, it is such a huge industry and still it is overlooked by aspiring entrepreneurs. If you are still not convinced, you can take a look at the figures telling how much these people spend on their pets. The industry didn’t stop flourishing even in the recent recession, for the reason that people treat their pets as family members, therefore spending on their clothes, health and safety is not discarded as an extravagant expense. If you are looking for small or even home based business ideas, then a pet related business is worth taking into consideration. Following are some ideas for pet related businesses.

Pet Food, Clothing & Toys

Those who have pets, spend heavily on pet foods, clothing and even toys. There are coats, boots, jackets, t-shirts and even holiday clothing specially made for Dogs and other pets. Pets get to play with all kinds of plush toys, rubber toys and interactive puzzles. Other accessories like dog houses and bedding have got a huge market as well. You can decide to sell one of these products at a retail store or from an online portal. Even better, you can come up with a new product. For example you can invent some kind of pet electronics or new exercise equipment specifically made for pets.

Pet health care & insurance

Health and security is the topmost priority, not only for humans but their pets as well. Pet owners (remember some states don’t allow pet keepers to consider themselves ‘the owner’ of the pet) spend heavily on medicines and other health care services to keep their pets healthy. There are Pet pharmacies and all sorts of health care plans going on for pets. Pet insurance market is also huge, estimated to reach some figure around $400 millions in the year 2010.

Pet Sitting & Day Care

Pet sitting services are commonly used these days by the owners who have to stay out for some vacations or business trip. Therefore, you can work as a pet sitter or start a business providing pet sitting or Dogs daycare services to the pet owners.

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