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How to Increase Profits For Your Pet Sitting Business

December 28, 2011

Marketing is critical to the success of any small business, pet sitting is no exception. All businesses need clients in order to survive. The process by which a pet sitting business attracts clients and generates sales dictates whether the business succeeds or fails. The art of getting new business is no mystery. In fact it’s so simple sometimes we forget to do the little things. Here are 10 tips to remind you how to build a larger client base.

1. Get New Business From Old – The best way to expand your business is to convert your current clients into sales people who generate new business for you. Get them to recommend you to others and you’ll discover one of the most effective forms of advertising you’ve ever used.

2. Sell to a Stranger – Practice your USP (unique selling proposition). It’s like bad advertising if you “wing it” with a potential client. You get one shot at your “Get Acquainted” visits to make a good first impression. You’ve got to know what to say, and say it with conviction.

3. Give It To Me Straight – Everyone is in a hurry these days. Prepare well honed phrases and practice them in front of a mirror. People like it when you can get to the point quickly.

4. Talk About Your Failures – Seriously! It builds credibility. Everyone can’t be perfect all the time, and when you can tell a prospect why you lost a client and what you’ve learned it’s a welcome change. They appreciate not getting the usual swagger & razzle-dazzle.

5. Offer a “Loss-Leader”- Loss-leader is the practice of offering your service at a considerable discount and loss of profit to attract future business. People are less and less apt to buy impulsively from a person if they don’t have a good feeling about them. Offering a loss-leader allows the relationship to mature over time.

6. Get Sold Yourself – Play customer with a successful competitor in your area and let them sell to you. Focus on why their approach works and think about what methods you might incorporate into your business.

7. Practice on a Demanding Acquaintance – Think about the most candid and straightforward person you know and try to sell them on your business. Let them be as frank as possible and then evaluate their comments for merit. This exercise can help you identify areas where your sales pitch may need improvement.

8. Start a Pet Sitting E-mail Newsletter – This is much like #5. Give them useful information week in and week out, or month in and month out. Keep your business fresh in their mind and make them happy to see your name in the “from” field.

9. Offer Testimonials – Get your existing clients to provide testimonials about how great your service is and ask them to serve as references for prospective clients. Remember, as you first start your business, it’s typically the first clients that take a chance on you who receive the greatest level of personalized service and professionalism from you. Plus, satisfied clients can say things about you that you can never believably say about yourself.

10. Ask Questions – I can’t emphasize enough how important and how underused this tip is in business. Simply allowing people to verbalize their needs makes them pleased and tells them you are listening. It also allows you to hone in on the points to make when it’s your turn to talk.

It’s easy to get caught up in the day to day activities of running your business and overlook the small things you can do to make it grow. Try setting aside a little time each day to act on one of these marketing efforts and watch your business grow almost effortlessly.


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