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3 Great Jobs For Pet Lovers

December 28, 2011

The jobs of a pet sitter, a dog walker, and a pet groomer are very much in demand. If you take into account the spending habits of average Americans, more money is lavished on pets and the figure is a staggering $3.35 billion. These are professional occupations and you can easily find one if you are a real pet lover and willing to spend time with them. And a career with pets can easily begin by taking up the 3 great jobs available these days.

Pet sitter

Your job would be to provide extraordinary care and lessen the stress of the owner by providing the pet with more freedom. You will have to travel to different homes to care for the pets and stick to a routine. Being attached to a pet sitting service helps as you could be assigned to several houses in a particular neighborhood. As a pet sitter, you will not have to make the dog adapt to a new environment every time. The job would be easy and simple to carry out.

If you are on your own, you will have to bank of recommendations of other pet owners for being hired. Your best bet would be to work for a pet sitting service for some time before checking out opportunities on your own. Your reputation will count before you are hired by pet owners who would ask their friends, co workers and other family members. Settle your rate of pay with the pet owner and get a written agreement done before taking up the job.

Dog walker

Dog walking can be a pastime as well as a paying occupation if you like pets and love to take them for walks as well as a spot of exercise. In some areas, the dog walkers require a license to carry on their profession. You can begin with a professional dog walking service before you branch out independently. You would be trained to administer first aid to pets in case of need. Referrals are very much common for pet sitting offers and grooming as well.

Pet owners will always want some real time referrals and contact details before they can entrust their pets to you. You need to have a spic and span record while working for a pet sitter service where you can pick up small details about how to excel in the profession. You can also post your service online for prospective hirers to check out your rates and timings as well.

Pet groomer

Pet grooming is like adventure, but you can also make money in these tough times when many of the traditional money making opportunities are drying down. You need to adhere to very strict and stringent standards that even a veterinarian is not expected to follow. By using special techniques, you can easily handle the pets. From the type of coat of the pet, you will have to identify the ways to groom the pet while working as a pet groomer.


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