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How to Easily Train Your Dog to Sit

December 27, 2011

Many people are curious how to train their dog properly. Here, we will take a look at how you can train your dog to learn how to sit on command. This method can be the first step in developing a stronger bond with your dog and helping create a foundation to train them in other ways. In this method the use of food will be used as the catalyst to encourage the appropriate behavior. Use the following steps to help teach your dog how to sit.

1. Pick out a small piece of meat and hide it in the palm of your hand and make a fist.

2. Let the dog smell the meat through your hand by placing your hand about 4 inches away from his nose..

3. Then, slowly raise your hand over his head. This will cause the dog to raise its head and fall back on its hind legs.

4. From here, you say, “sit” when the dog is in the sit position.

5. Then, you follow this behavior, by saying, “Good” or “Yes” and giving the dog the piece of meat to eat.

The result of these steps is to get the dog to associate the sit command with him going to get a treat. If done properly, the dog will respond to this command by sitting. Once the dog complies with this command most of the time, you can move on to more advanced training skills. The key you want to focus on is that the dog is starting to respond without any hand movements and only by the sit command.

By using simple steps like these consistently, you can teach your dog to do all kinds of things like the skill listed above. With consistent performance of these skills, you should have your dog sitting in no time.


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