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How To Start A Pet Sitting For Profit Business For Under $40

December 26, 2011

If you enjoy animals and want to escape your dead end office job, you should consider pet sitting for profit. This type of business is easy to start and will give you the freedom and flexibility of working for yourself. To start a pet sitting business, you should first consider a few things. Decide on where you can watch the pets and what type of hours that you wish to work.

Are you exclusively going to watch pets in their own home? Are you available for weeks at a time or only a few hours during the day? Once you determine your availability, you can decide on the prices for your services. Check out other pet sitting services in the area as a way to keep your rates competitive. You will want to learn all the basics of pet care before you launch your pet sitting service.

Familiarize yourself with animal grooming and how to take care of animals with special needs. You should also estimate how many animals you are able to take care of at a time. Advertising is an essential step in pet sitting for profit. You should make up flyers that can be posted around the neighborhood and start handing out business cards.

You may also consider launching a website that includes your rates and testimonials of the exceptional service that you provide. Pet sitting for profit is a great way to make money and enjoy doing something that you love. You will be able make your own hours and be outdoors instead of stuck in a stuffy office day in and day out.


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