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Pet Sitting Insurance – A Buying Guide For Pet Sitters

December 25, 2011

If you are thinking about doing pet sitting either as a part-time job or as a full-time business you should make sure that you are covered financially in case something goes wrong. While odds are most things will be okay, there is a small chance that an accident or something worse could occur while you are supervising someone else’s dogs.

In these cases you should look into getting a pet sitting insurance policy. Most of these policies can be purchased for around $200 a year and can give you the peace of mind that you need to can focus on doing your job correctly and not worrying about what happens if something goes wrong.

While pet sitting might seem pretty mundane there are things that can go wrong like the dog attacking someone, the dog getting lost, or the dog accidentally getting injured.

In these cases you should not wait to look into getting insurance, but you should try and find a policy today or at least get a couple of quotes over the Internet.

The professional pet sitters association, if you join them, can offer a discount as well as other membership benefits so I would look into joining that organization as well.

If you are doing pet sitting as a full-time business you can also use the fact that you are properly insured as an advertising benefit. Since most people will view the fact that you’re properly insured as a positive sign that you are a bigger company.


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