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Pet Sitting – How Much Dinero Will You Have to Shell Out?

December 24, 2011

Are you considering hiring a pet sitter? If so, you may be wondering about what it is going to cost you. The specific figures tend to change from one facility to the next, but most services tend to offer the same basic rates.

Before you can decide whether or not a pet service is reasonable, you must consider the type of animal that you have. Dogs and cats are usually less expensive than horses are, and some exotic pets may be far more expensive that any sort of common pet. Also, think about the type of service that you want a sitter to provide. Do you want your pets to have fresh food and water, or are you looking for something a bit more elaborate? The charges can really fluctuate according to your demands, though these prices shouldn’t get too out of hand.

Generally, most pet providers charge anywhere from $15 – $20 per day for a domestic pet, and the prices tend to climb from there. If you want a caretaker to empty a litter box or bathe a dog, the cost will be much higher. Along with providing basic necessities for your pet, most care givers will also collect any mail for you while you are away (included in price). However, if you require a provider to spend the night with your pet, you could be looking at a whole new price range.

For the most part, caretakers will not want to stay with your pet overnight. Still, if you feel that your precious animal family member will require around the clock service, you could be looking at fees of $70 – $100 per day. Of course, the amount of money that you are willing to spend on is entirely up to you, but consider whether or not it really needs an overnight sitter.

Is a personal provider really worth the daily cost? Usually, pets will greatly benefit from seeing a person every day that you are away. Also, it is important that your pet receive fresh food and water while you are gone. Therefore, pet home services are very useful if you cannot find anyone else to take care of your pet. Then again, asking a friend or neighbor may be the most cost effective way of ensuring that your pet is safe.

As you can see, caretaker charges can really change according to the type of care that your pet requires. Remember that you will pay more for larger animals and extra services, though your animal friend may greatly benefit from a professional’s daily care.


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