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Bird Sitting Tips For Pet Bird Owners

December 24, 2011

Do you bird sit for people that have birds? Drawing from your own experience as a bird owner, bird sitting is a great opportunity to interact with other bird species and meet other people, not to mention a great way to earn a little extra gas money. We have a short list of tips and tricks to help your time as a bird sitter be stress free and successful.

* Interview the bird owner. Interact with the bird you will be taking care of, and offer references to the owner from previous bird experiences. A good owner will always request references and recommendations from former clients.

* What is the routine of the bird you will be caring for? What foods does he like, what is the normal diet, and what snacks and treats are available? Are there any additional supplies you should be aware of that you may need, and are they readily available?

* Get veterinary information. At a minimum, the vet’s name, number, address, and a signed note of permission to treat the bird in case something is to go awry. You also want to get a signed consent form saying that the owner will pay any medical costs related to the bird, should the need arise to seek medical attention during the owners absence.

* Make sure you have an itinerary of the owner, so you know when they are leaving and when they are expected back, so you can calculate your time accordingly.

* Request the owner leaves emergency contact numbers, such as a family or friend, in case you need to contact someone and the owner is not available.

* Make sure you have a signed note of permission to enter the house of the bird owner. Request an alternative phone number of where the owner can be reached, in addition to the house phone. Ensure that a key is available, and if needed, that you have the code to the security alarm.

* Lastly if your not a member of a local bird club it could offer some great networking opportunities to find a quality bird sitter for you and others when your out of town and can’t take the feathered family with you.


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