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Important Questions You Should Ask Your Pet Sitter Before You Hire Them

December 21, 2011

You’ve finally booked that long-overdue vacation and all that’s left to do is look for a pet sitter whom you can trust to leave your precious pet with. You’ve asked the help of an online pet sitting agency for references. All that needs to be done next is for you to meet with him/her and ask a few questions. Here are some which will help you decide if he/she is the right one for your pet.

1. What training/education and experience does the pet sitter have? Is he licensed, bonded and insured? Ask to look at his certificates. You can even call the school for further verification of his credentials. A professional pet sitter must be insured; this is one sign of his commitment to the business.

2. Does he accept other clients simultaneously and how many are there? While an in-demand pet sitter is a sign of his excellence, taking in too many clients at one time may be disadvantageous to your pet.

3. Is he available on his phone at all times if you need to contact him? Keep in mind however that he also needs his sleep so you won’t call him at unholy hours.

4. Does he have experience in caring for your type and breed of pet? If not, be sure you provide detailed information and instructions on meals, grooming and exercise. Ask him to visit before you leave so that he can meet your pet and get acquainted.

5. Can he take your pet to the veterinarian in case of emergencies? This service should be included in the contract, along with the fees, services, and amount of time he will spend with your animal. The contract should not include exempting the sitter from liability in case the animal is injured, taken ill or dies.

6. Can he give you names and phone numbers of his clients who have consented to be his references? This way, you can verify the quality of his service.

If the answers to your questions are satisfactory, you can leave with the comforting thought that your pet in the care of a competent pet sitter.


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