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Earn Extra Cash As a Part-Time Pet Sitter

December 20, 2011

You probably didn’t know that caring for pets can be quite lucrative. Being a pet sitter doesn’t require a degree or special training. Nor does it require a lot of money to get started. Plus, you don’t have to quit your normal day job or whatever responsibilities you might currently have. In fact, it can be a great part-time way to earn extra cash.

Pet owners are often out of town or away from home during the day. Many prefer not to place their pets in kennels as these can be full of diseases or be a stressful environment for their pets. Instead, they hire pet sitters to stop by, feed their pets, take them out to the bathroom or on a walk, and give them the love and attention they give their pets. As many pet owners consider a pet to be part of the family, getting this care and warmth for their pet is an important thing.

As a pet sitter you stand to make some nice money. Pet sitters make between $12 and $22 a visit, with a national average of $16 per visit. Plus, most visits take about half an hour or less. There’s no big time commitment involved.

Best of all, there are no outrageous start-up costs. Many of your necessary items you probably already have, such as a car to get you to and from your jobs and a phone to get calls from potential customers. In addition to these things, you also will need insurance and a bond. Many insurance companies offer policies specifically for pet sitters. A bond will protect you and reassure your customers.

After this, there are some items you might want to consider, such as an emergency kit with items such as a spare collar, leash, can opener, and more. After a few jobs, you should have your supplies all paid for. You don’t have to keep an inventory of items nor pay rent for an office, so your costs should be very affordable.

As the owner of your own pet sitting service, you decide when you want to work. You charge what you want to charge and only take the jobs you think would be a good fit for you. That’s why it’s perfect for someone looking for a part-time way to make some extra cash. You can schedule the pet-sitting visits around your normal schedule. If one’s too far away or you’re not able to make it work with your other responsibilities, then you simply say you can’t take the job, and before long another one will come along.

Pet sitters make nice money caring for pets. It’s the perfect job for someone looking for some extra cash. You don’t have to sink a lot of money into start-up costs, nor work long hours to get by. It’s simply a great, rewarding part-time job that you’ll be sure to love. To learn more, read Profitable Pet Sitting, available only at:


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