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The Downside of Pet Sitting Services

December 19, 2011

Pet sitting is touted as a great way to watch over your pet when you are unable to. While there is much to commend pet sitting, there are some downsides.

The number one thing that most pet owners complain about (when it comes to pet care) is cost. Often, pet care providers ask for a lot of money to watch your pet while you are away. Sometimes, they can charge well over $30 per day … though the cost largely depends upon the service provided, and the type of animal that you have. Although there are many pros associated with sitting, sometimes the cons outweigh the benefits.

No matter how you slice it, you will be handing over your home keys to a pet caretaker when you are away. Though most care providers are entirely professional, there is always that chance that your personal items may not be safe. If this is one of your concerns, spend a good deal of time asking for recommendations and doing background checks … you never know who you may be letting into your home.

One of the most bothersome concerns regarding home pet services is that your pet may not be taken care of properly. Really, you have no way of knowing whether or not a caretaker will cherish and love your pet the way that you do. In some cases, pet providers have been caught mistreating pets, though this is rare. Again, make sure that you interview all caretakers thoroughly before you hire anyone to care for your pet.

Even though leaving your pet in capable hands while you are away is a comforting thought, be sure to select a person that comes highly recommended. Also, make the time to meet with a pet professional before you leave for your vacation. When it comes to your home and your pet, you can never be too safe.

While there are many cons of pet sitting, there are also many benefits as well. In order to decide if pet sitting is right for you, consider all of your options carefully. In most cases, pet professionals that come to your home are highly useful. Even though your pets may play while you are away, you will still want to make sure that they are happy and well cared for until you return.


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