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Finding The Best Dog Sitters

December 19, 2011

Are you searching for the best dog sitters? Or is it hard for you to decide which one of the prospective sitters you found will be the best one that will provide the needed services for your dogs? Chances are, the sitter that your dogs like more will then be a better choice since they are the ones who will be spending a lot of time together when you are not around. So, how can you determine which one of the sitters is the one for your dog? Simply let your dogs spend time with them and you will see the best candidate.

Still not sold on the idea? Well, it is better if you get as much information as possible from the dog sitter that you would like to get. Get the services that they provide. Ask whether or not they themselves walk the dog or they are simply agents or brokers who outsource the dog walkers to find prospective clients.

There are websites for dog sitters that provide these services wherein they have pools of dog walkers that can serve their clients. On the other hand, there are those sites that have their own professional walkers providing said service. It is better to have the latter as you can easily communicate to the dog walker your precise needs and wants for walking your dogs as compared to the former.

It is also important to tell your sitter about the duration of his service and whether or not he should walk and play with your dogs on a daily basis or just three times a week. A lot of sitters would do the dog walking with several other dogs as well, so if you are not comfortable with your dogs walking with other dogs you don’t know, you should talk to the dog walker and have an exclusive dog walking activity for your pet.

As long as you discuss all the aspects of the walking or sitting you would want to have for your dog, you can be assured that the sitters will give you the best possible services you want for your dog.

As there are a lot of good sitters in the world, choosing the best one can be a bit overwhelming. Therefore it is important that you look on the experience, knowledge as well as the activities that the sitter usually does when sitting for a dog. Professional dog sitters must be well knowledgeable about the dog habits, likes and dislikes. And he must know how to quickly act during emergency situation as well.

Should you find a good one, have him sit for your dog on a trial run so that you will know how he can manage your dogs while you are not around. Furthermore, getting a reference or talking with his past clients will surely give you an idea on how the sitter works.


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