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Pet Sitting – The Recession Proof Business

December 18, 2011

In these tough economic times many jobs are uncertain. People are cutting back on spending and being more concerned with where their money is going. Some people are reluctant to start a new business. But one you shouldn’t be afraid to start is a pet sitting business. The pet sitting business has been steadily growing as more and more people have pets. These pets need someone to take them on a walk or feed them when their owners are away, and that’s where you come in. Simply put, pet sitting is a recession-proof business.

In a 2009 survey done by the APPM, 63 percent of households in the U.S.A. own pets, while 45% own multiple pets. There are 75 million dogs and 89 million cats. And let’s not forget all the other animals, such as birds, reptiles, and fish. So what does that mean? A lot of work for you as a pet sitter. The United States Bureau of Labor expects pet care jobs to grow by 22 percent a year.

Pet sitters make between $12 and $22 a visit, a national average of $16. Best of all, most pet sitting jobs take half an hour or less. It’s common to visit the same home twice in a day. You often will need to feed the pet, take it outside for a bathroom break and perhaps a walk, and then play with it for a little while. Just give it the love and attention you give your own pets. If you’re a pet owner yourself, you’ll find this work to be just like the care and attention you give your own pets everyday. But there’s a catch. This time you’ll get paid to do that work!

It’s very possible to do 10 visits a day in five or six hours. At $16 an hour that means you’d make $160 a day or $4,880 a month! There are expenses, but they are very modest, such as transportation, cell phone, and insurance.

One of the best perks of owning your own pet sitting business, besides enjoying time spent with a wonderful variety of animals, is that you’re the boss. You take the jobs you want, you set your prices. Simply put, you’re in charge. And did you know there are no certifications or classes required to become a pet sitter? Not at all. Start up expenses, usually less than $500.

Pets are all around you. Your friends have them. Your neighbors do too. And when those friends and neighbors are at work or will be out of town, they need someone to look after their pets, recession or not. That’s where you come in. Before long, you could be the pet sitter everyone calls on. To learn more about pet sitting, read Profitable Pet Sitting, available at:


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