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Make Money Pet Sitting

December 18, 2011

Pet sitting is a great and easy way to make money. You don’t need any special or required skills other than the ability to control the pet and supply it with as much love and care as needed.

How To Start

It is important to have some experience with handling the pet your interested in looking after. While it is important to maximize your offerings, their is no sense in offering to petsit an iguana if you have never seen one up close before. By only caring for animals that you are familiar with, you can simplify your job and not have to worry about being held responsible for any mishaps that may occur from inexperience.

Once you have decided which pets you would like to look after, take into consideration some of the more practical problems that may stand in your way of offering your services to your community. Transportation is a key necessity when it comes to offering any type of service, and transportation that is reliable can be hard to find. While your best friend who lives across town may be leaving for vacation in a week and you would like to make some cash by pet sitting their dog, if you can’t make it to their house everyday then their is no sense in offering at all. One simple way to combat this problem is to simply offer your service to nearby residences within walking/biking distance. It saves cash as well because you won’t have to worry about gas expenses. Other problem areas may be your time schedule as far as when you will be available and sticking to your promises to take care of the pet. Pet sitting is often a job that is best during the Summer when you do not have to worry about the stresses of school.

Now that you have cleared out any practical problems that may be standing in your way, its time to market your services. The best way is through communication. For instance, a visit to your local park can give substantial amount of contacts for dog sitting, while a trip to a veterinary clinic may give you greater opportunities as far as what kind of pet your looking take care of. The goal is to talk to people and explain your services.

In addition, flyers and print advertising may work as well depending on where you live and how crowded the market is for pet sitting. Putting in ad in the local newspaper detailing your interests in pet sitting may work if there is not much competition, but don’t just wait for people to come to you. Passing out flyers from house to house is a great and quick way to get your business out their.

Also, while were on the subject of fellow competition in your community, why not contact other pet sitters in your area? By getting in touch with fellow pet sitters and offering yourself as a backup in case they are available for their clients, you may build long lasting partnerships.


There really is no surefire price when it comes pet sitting. However, with a little research on your part, you can get an idea on how much you would like to charge for your services. As mentioned above, contacting fellow dog sitters can give you an idea as to how much they are charging, but be sneaky about it! The key to pricing is to be negotiable. While you may charge X dollars for five or six clients, you may charge Y and Z dollars for a couple of your other clients. Having your clients to pay you cash is ideal in this type of field in addition to having them pay you something up front, however this can be left up to you to decide.

Okay, you’ve got your first client! Preparation is key. Grab a duffel bag and load it with anything you think you may need or might come in handy with whatever animal your caring for. Do not rely on the client to supply you with everything you will need. Besides, coming prepared gives a better indication to your client that you’re the real deal. In addition to your preparing, keep a record of phone numbers of your clients and veterinarians in the area. Also, alert your family or close friends where you will be during your pet sitting in case of emergency. Having possible immediate transport available to you from a relative in case of an emergency concerning the pet is ideal.

You did it. Keep building contacts and keep records of your money and you will be making cash in no time!

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