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Pet Sitters – How to Choose a Person to Care For Your Dog Or Cat

December 15, 2011

Hiring a pet sitter to care for your animal while you’re away from home is becoming more common these days. Many people prefer to know that their dog or cat is able to enjoy their familiar surroundings while their owner is on vacation.

With so many of these services popping up around the country, it can get confusing when trying to choose the perfect sitter for your beloved pet. Here are some tips that will help you decide.

1) Make sure the person your hire is bonded and insured. Most professional pet sitters are very honest and passionate about the work they do. However, it’s best to make sure they’re covered in the unlikely event your valuables should turn up missing while you’re away.

2) Check to see if they are a member of a professional pet sitting organization. This shows how passionate the person you hire is about the pet sitting industry. The two most popular organizations are the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters and Pet Sitters International.

3) Take the time to interview them during an initial consultation at your home. It’s very important that the individual meet with you and your pet at your home before scheduling an appointment. This gives you, your pet and the pet sitter a chance to get to know each other. If your pet doesn’t warm up to them during the consultation, it’s best to find another sitter.

4) Give them detailed instructions. If you have a burglar alarm, make sure you discuss the password and procedures before you go out of town. Also, be sure to give them your emergency contact information before you leave.

5) Get everything in writing. A reputable service will have a written agreement that details all of the services they will provide. Read the contract carefully before signing. A professional pet sitter can make life easier for both you and your pet. It’s comforting to know that your loyal companion is in the hands of a caring individual when you can’t be there.


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