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Blueprint For a Successful Pet Sitting Business

December 15, 2011

You’re an animal lover and ready to begin the new exciting world of pet sitting, a world where you’re the boss, you set the prices, you work when you want, and best of all, get to spend a lot of time with animals while making some nice money too! How much money? Pet sitters on average make about $16 a visit, and most visits take less than half an hour. Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? So what are some things that could put you on the path to a successful pet sitting business?

First, give your business a catchy and memorable name. Incorporating the name of your town or city can also do wonders to get you more business. In addition, it’s a good idea to pick a name that is near the front of the alphabet for alphabetical listings, such as those in the Yellow Pages, as people tend to look towards the top of the list. Consider putting “A” or “AA” in front of your business name to move your name closer to the top.

Next, find an organizational system that works for you. You need a schedule, whether it’s something on your computer, phone, or day planner, so you can keep track of all your jobs and make sure you’re on time. Keep good records of your customers and be sure to know their contact information, their pets’ names, and any other pertinent information. Acting friendly with customers and treating them in a professional manner is very important. Being organized and professional will help you become a successful pet sitter.

Once you get a potential job, it’s important to do a first visit. This is a chance for you to meet the pet owner and the pet and decide if you’d be a comfortable fit. Learn about the pet and what the owner expects of you. You want them to feel comfortable with you taking care of their pet. Also, learn anything you need to learn about the house and its layout. This will help ensure, should you accept the job, that you will do a great job, one worthy of repeat business.

You want to keep those jobs coming in, so be sure to do some advertising. There are many free options available such as,, or getting an article written about you in your local newspaper. Also take advantage of referrals. Give a discount or other incentive to customers who refer you to someone else. Another great way to promote your business is to put up flyers or leave business cards at pet shops, groomers, veterinarians, and more. Build up a good reputation in your community and you could become the go-to sitter.

You want your pet sitting business to be the first one people think of when they’re looking for a reliable sitter. Have a good name, stay organized, and most of all, be professional and do great work. Before you know it, your pet sitting service will be the one to call. To learn more about becoming a professional pet sitter, read Profitable Pet Sitting, available at:


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