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How to Make Money Pet Sitting

December 14, 2011

Pet sitting is a rapidly growing occupation. Industry experts expect the pet care field to double in size in the next few years. In the United States there are well over 75 million dogs and 89 million cats, not to mention birds, reptiles, and fish. So what does that mean? That means a lot pet sitting work in all parts of the country.

So what does a pet sitter do? Do you have a pet of your own? Think about the daily tasks involved in taking care of your own pet-that’s what you’d be doing as a pet sitter, but as a pro, you’ll get paid to do it!

When a pet owner goes out of town or is away from home for a few days (maybe they work long hours and can’t get home to feed their pet), they want to be sure their pet is getting the care and love it deserves. Some don’t feel comfortable leaving their pet at a kennel. Many pets find it upsetting to be in a new environment. So instead, pet owners hire a pet sitter to stop by their home and give the animal some attention. Daily duties could include feeding, taking outside for bathroom breaks, walks, and some love and play.

Pet sitters make an average of $16 per visit. And best of all, most visits take about half an hour or less. Yes, that’s right, you could make more than $30 an hour! Many pet owners will want more than one visit in the day, perhaps at different feeding times, which means a lot of high-paying work for you. Having multiple visits for the same pet means less work on your part finding new customers.

And there is no need for extra schooling or certifications. But there’s got to be a lot of start-up costs, right? Nope. You probably already have some of the things you’ll need. Good transportation is a must to get you to and from your jobs. You also need a phone to get calls from potential customers. Next you’ll need insurance. Many companies offer policies tailored to pet sitters. You’ll also need a bond as it’ll protect you and reassure your customers. After this there are some relatively cheap items you might want to consider, such as a spare collar, leash, and can opener for pet food, in addition to a first aid kit and some other supplies. Most pet sitters get started with just a few hundred dollars.

You love pets. You’d like to make some good money. And you’d certainly love to be your own boss. So why not start your own pet sitting business and before you know it, you could be the talk (Bark, meow!) of the town. To learn more, read Profitable Pet Sitting, from:


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