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Who Will Take Care of My Dog?

December 13, 2011

It can be distressing on you when the inevitable happens and you have to leave your dog even though you many not want to. Leaving your dog should not cause you concern as with the help of a dog sitter this stress can be reduced.

A good pet sitter besides providing food and water for your dog while you are away will spend quality time with your dog, they provide exercise, they are also knows how to tell if your pet requires veterinary help. How do you know how to find this kind of a sitter well here is some information that will help you find the best sitter for you and your dog?

Recommendations Are A Good Place To Start

The recommendations of a friend, relative or neighbor are always a good place to start especially if they have previously enlisted the help of a dog sitter. What if you don’t know anyone who has had a dog sitter previously? Then let your finger do the walking. Check the Yellow Pages under “Pet Sitting Services or advertisements in the newspaper are also another good place to look for people who offer their dog sitting services. Watch how they interact with your dog-does your pet seem comfortable with the person? If this visit goes well, you can begin the service by taking the sitter on a short trip, such as a weekend excursion. But if they do not get along well with each other, then thank the sitter for his or her time.

Experience and Insurance

It’s important to learn all you can about the dogs sitters’ qualifications and services. Before selecting a pet sitter, it is best to interview the candidates either over the phone or in your home.

Find out the following:

o Obtain written proof of commercial liability insurance

o Has the sitter had training in pet sitting?

o Does the sitter know of a veterinarian who can provide emergency services?

o What backup does the sitter have if they become ill or cannot make it for a day?

o What other services does the sitter provide such as in-home grooming, dog walking, dog training, and play time?

o If the pet sitter provides live-in services, what are the specific times she agrees to be with your pet? Is this detailed in the contract?

o Does the sitter have referees which you can contact

Get A Written Contract

Will the pet sitter provide a written service contract spelling out services and fees? Remember to select people who will accept to undertake signing a contract on the conditions that you both have set. This will show that the sitter has the best intentions when it come to taking care of your dog.


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