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Start a Horse Sitting Business

December 13, 2011

Ask any horse owner how many holidays they take a year, and they will probably tell you none. It can be difficult to get good quality care for their horses when they want to go away, as horses are in a different category when it comes to pet sitting.

You will need to be comfortable around horses to take on this kind of work, if you are a horse owner that is great, you probably have all the experience you need. Fellow horse owners will generally feel more comfortable leaving their horses in your care if they know that you are experienced and know how to handle the animals.

What Do Owners Expect From A Horse Sitter?

Owners requirements may differ slightly, but here is a general routine that many would expect to happen while you are sitting their horses:

Morning Feed, Hay and General Health Check

Provide Fresh Water in Stable and Paddock/Turnout Area

Change Rugs (if needed) and put out to Graze

Muck-out Stable and leave bed up to dry

Prepare night-time hay-nets

Bed down and fresh Water and hang up Hay-nets

Poo pick the Field

Bring Horse in from the field, groom and general Health Check

Change Rugs and have a few cuddles

You will also be wise to draw up a contract, so that both you and the owner have the same expectations and ensure that your wording makes sure you will be covered if anything goes wrong, eg horse escapes and gets injured. I would advise asking a solicitor to look over your paperwork just to make sure you don’t end up in Hot Water. You can also buy ready made forms which may suit your purpose.

How Much To Charge?

This is a guide only, it will be up to you to do your research in your area, local area rates can vary a lot. This is what one horse sitter charges in my local area:


One horse $25 per visit

Two horses $28 per visit

Three horses $30 per visit

Walking or exercising: 1/2 hour, additional $12 per visit.

Keep in mind, you can incorporate other services along with your horse sitting, for example you can offer plant watering, take in mail, put out garbage and rotate lighting so that it appears your clients are home. And, of course, you can also look after the other family pets while you are there.


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